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Expert engraving machines

The Cyborg engravers make professional engraving become reality. Increase your efficiency, create your design and start engraving in minutes.
Pas de réglages compliqués ni de logiciels difficiles, lancez-vous tout de suite !

Conception intelligente et solide

All Cyborg desktop engraving machines have a solid structure and really smart assets. Choose your ideal working area and size, the smart open bed design allows to slide through longer or taller plates! The standard engraving table can easily be swapped with a self centering vise or a vacuum table.

Une plus grande productivité

The Cyborg engraving machines offer incredible flexibility. Start creating your labels whenever you need them and engrave them quickly & easily. Reduce delivery times to an absolute minimum and increase your productivity, your Cyborg engraving machine is ready at any time!

Logiciel de gravure puissant

Our Symmetry engraving software is by far the most powerful and professional 2d engraving software package you’ve ever seen. From easy to complex layouts, Symmetry allows you to create every design without complex operations or difficult learning curves. Multiplates, CSV import, automatic serial numbers, detailed positioning, G code export and much more… The Symmetry engraving software has it all.

Qualité supérieure

We know how to build a superior machine. Our machines meet the highest quality requirements and effortlessly passed all endurance tests. We've put over 35 years of experience in all Cyborg machines. A Cyborg engraver is your faithful companion for many years to come. That's a promise.

Gravure efficace

A Cyborg desktop engraver is a professional and versatile engraving machine, built to meet the highest industry standards. Be amazed by the superior quality and possibilities. Create perfect and long lasting engravings. 

Logiciel puissant

Le tout nouveau logiciel de gravure Symmetry vous permet de créer des gravures précises et parfaites sur plusieurs surfaces. Symmetry est convivial, tout en offrant des possibilités étendues que vous ne trouverez dans aucun autre logiciel de gravure! 

Facile à utiliser

Every Cyborg engraving machine is a user-friendly machine. Are you a rookie or an experienced engraver? After a short briefing, anyone can start working with our engraving machines and create stunning designs.

Options intelligentes

Our engraving machines have several useful options. Use the optional clamping vise with clamping jigs to engrave medals, ballpoints or small objects.