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Conditions de vente

This page has been updated on 07/10/2021.



  • Orders can only be considered final after our order confirmation.
  • The acceptance of the invoice implies for the buyer the recognition and acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.
    Conditions set by the buyer, whether or not with reference to his own standard terms and conditions, on order forms or other documents are only opposable to us if they have been accepted by us in writing. Agreements with our representatives are only valid with our written agreement.
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, our quotations and prices are always without obligation. The stated delivery times, dates and periods are only given by way of information and are not binding. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the stated delivery periods only commence after receipt of payment of the agreed advance. Predefined delivery dates or periods only apply insofar as the customer has fulfilled his payment obligations on time.
  • The goods travel at the risk of the buyer, regardless of the method of delivery.
  • Any complaints regarding the delivered goods must be communicated in writing within 8 days of receipt of the goods. After expiry of that period, every delivery is presumed to have been accepted.
    The company Ketele accepts no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damage of any nature whatsoever, caused by defects or deviations in material or execution of the goods.
    Possible complaints or objections regarding invoicing must be submitted to us in writing within 8 days of receipt of the invoice. After that period, each invoice is presumed to have been accepted.
  • Ketele does not accept returns without prior written permission. Accepted returns must be made carriage paid. Cancellation of orders is only possible after written approval from Ketele, for undamaged stock items in original packaging, subject to payment by the buyer of take-back costs amounting to 10% of the total invoice value, with a minimum of € 30.00. Customized items or non-stock items are not taken back or canceled.
  • All invoices are payable at the registered office of the company or on one of our bank accounts. A bill of exchange or any other method of payment cannot be regarded as a deviation from this provision or as a novation of debt.
    In the absence of payment within thirty days from the date of the invoice, default interest is incurred without notice of default being required. due calculated on the basis of the interest rate provided for in article 5 paragraph 2 of the law of 2 August 2002 on the fight against delay in payment within commercial transactions, plus 2%, this interest calculated from the date of the invoice.
    Failure to pay the invoices within thirty days from the date of the invoice makes the payment of all other amounts due immediately and permits us to consider all current agreements as broken.
  • All administrative costs arising from the collection of overdue invoice amounts are borne by the customer.
    In particular, we reserve the right to charge a flat-rate administration cost of € 10.00 per payment reminder sent.
  • If the buyer fails to pay the invoice amount after 8 days from the date of dispatch of a notice of default sent to him by registered letter, this amount will be increased by 15% by way of a fixed penalty clause, however with a minimum. from € 50.00.
  • The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the invoiced value.
  • For invoices with a total amount of less than € 25.00 an administration fee of € 7.50 is charged.
  • After expiry of the predetermined delivery period and after notification by the seller that the ordered goods are available for collection or delivery, the goods must be collected without delay.
    In case the collection or delivery of the goods is postponed at the request of the customer in relation to the predetermined delivery period, the seller has the right to charge for the ordered goods and to charge storage costs for the duration of the postponement.
  • If the buyer refuses to take receipt of the sold merchandise, the seller will have the option to cancel the sales agreement without prior notice of default. In this case, the buyer will be obliged to pay a lump sum compensation equal to 30% of the sale price.
  • Complaints about a repaired part or a repaired machine must be reported by the customer to Ketele by registered letter within 48 hours after receipt of the goods. If not, the right to recourse will lapse.
  • The courts of Antwerp are exclusively competent for the settlement of disputes.