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Discover the Cyborg desktop engraver and it’s useful options.

We developed smart options for specific applications.

options and accessories

To make your life even easier, we’ve developed some handy options that you can use on your reliable Cyborg X-300 and Cyborg X-400. Some accessories are supplied as standard with the machine, others can be easily ordered.

Clamping vise

The clamping vise allows you to quickly engrave small objects, such as medals, lighters, boxes, etc. … (Clamping jigs not included.) 

Clamping jigs

Mount the clamping jigs to the clamping vise and easily secure your (very) small tags, name badges or engraving strips.

Custom jigs

Looking for special jigs to engrave small objects, jewelery or other specific objects? We offer a wide range of jigs, suited for multiple purposes.

Jigs for watches

Creating sophisticated engravings on watches becomes possible with the special jigs for wrist watches.

Jigs for cutlery

Start engraving knives, forks and spoons of all sizes and shapes with the special clamps for cutlery.

Jigs for jewellery

Personalise gems, pendants and jewellery with a personal engraving thanks to the versatile clamps.

Cutter stand

The cutter stand allows you to safely store your cutting tools. You can even adjust them to the desired length thanks to the adjustment tool. The good news is, this accessory comes standard with every machine.

Vacuum table

A vacuum table can be mounted in the Cyborg X-300 and the X-400. The vacuum aspires your piece against the bed and your material or piece will become immovable. (Vacuum inverter or vacuum pump not included.)

Cutters and knobs

Use the brass knob to clamp all your cutters firmly. Our widia engraving cutters can be used for both plastic and non-ferrous metals. Available in different point widths.