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Use the download area to learn more about your Cyborg X-300 desktop engraver and the Symmetry engraving software. Visit our Wiki pages for online support and manuals.


Cyborg X-300 catalog

Read all about the Cyborg X-300 in the brand new catalogue. 

Cyborg X-300 manual

Check out the extensive Cyborg wiki. Find detailed information about your machine here.

Symmetry manual

All instructions and how to use the Symmetry engraving software can be found here.


Download the latest Symmetry version here.
Latest version: n° 32, release date: 01/12/2023. Click here to retrieve your password.

Cyborg pendent

Download the latest Cyborg pendent here. Latest release date: 12/04/2023. Click here to retrieve your password.

Installation guide

Learn how to install the Symmetry software on your computer.