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Technical data Cyborg Engraving machines

Our machines are built with quality parts and components. Each machine is built with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring every single unit meets the highest industry standards.

Cyborg engravers are the product of more than 35 years of experience, knowledge and know-how, all put together in a reliable and high quality desktop engraving machine.

Cyborg X-300

Cyborg X-400





Net weight:

27 kgs (59.52 lbs)

33 kgs (72.76 lbs)

Total width:

535mm (21.06 inch)

635 mm (25.00 inch)

Total lenght:

650 mm (25.59 inch)

670 mm (26.38 inch)

Total height (closed):

300 mm (11.81 inch)

300 mm (11.81 inch)

Max plate size X:

200 mm x ∞ (7.87 inch x ∞)

300 mm x ∞ (11.81 inch x ∞)

Max plate size Y:

300 mm x ∞ (11.81 inch x ∞)

400 mm x ∞ (15.75 inch x ∞)

Common specifications

Power supply 1:

220 – 230 V – 50 Hz

Power supply 2:

115 V – 60 Hz

Engraving area X-300:

200 x 300 mm (7.87 x 11.81 inch)

Engraving area X-400:

300 x 400 mm (11.81 x 15.75 inch)

X - movement:

fiberglass timing belt

Y - movement:

double fiberglass timing belt

Z - axis travel:

30 mm (1.18 inch)

Cutter size:

3,17 x 125 mm (0.124 x 4.92 inch)

Spindle RPM:

5.000 – 20.000 RPM

Spindle motor:

brushless DC servo with HAL control

Origin point:

9 available origin points (programmable)


standard G-code

X – resolution:

1.500 microsteps / mm

Y – resolution:

1.500 microsteps / mm

Z – resolution:

5.000 microsteps / mm

Z leadscrew nut:


Accessories and available options

Solid carbide cutter (different cutting tip widths) Ø 3,175 mm x 125 mm

Solid carbide cutter (45° angle) to cut scoring lines Ø 3,175 mm x 125 mm

Diamond tipped cutter Ø 3,175 mm x 125 mm to scratch metals

Brass cutter knob Ø 3,175 mm

Self centering vise (without clamping jigs)

„Multimat“, sticky mat to fix plates to the engaving table

Cutter stand to preset cutting depths of all your cutters and range them

Vacuum table (vacuum inverter or vacuum pump not included)

Adapter cables for auxiliary and vacuum cleaner

Rotary 4th axis, to engrave cylindrical objects

Every Cyborg machine is designed, made and assembled with the greatest care and supplied with the necessary built-in safety devices. Every machine complies 100% with the CE standards and machine directive.

Made in Belgium