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Symmetry is the most powerful yet easy to use engraving software on the market.  Symmetry offers possibilities no other software has and is especially developed to make the most of all the X-300’s capabilities. On top of that, our virtual pendent allows you to operate your X-300 via the computer screen.


Symmetry software

Symmetry is the successor of the famous Cipher engraving software. We kept the extensive possibilities of Cipher and added some cool new features. The interface and workflow have been completely rebuilt and ensure Symmetry is easy to use. Curious about the possibilities of our ultra-powerful engraving software?

Here’s a list of useful Symmetry features

All fonts are optimized for engraving. No unnecessary movements of the machine, no loss of time, but fast and razor-sharp engravings maximize your X-300's efficiency.

Wide choice of numerous single line and multiple line engraving fonts and symbols supplied as standard.

Rapid design of multiple plates which allows you to engrave and cut several plates in matter of minutes.

Quick and easy import of logos and designs.

Fast and stable G-code output through Ethernet.

Import of .CSV files, you can determine which lines on one or more plates should be automatically filled with data from the spreadsheet.

Automatic ascending or descending serial numbering.

WYSIWYG interface, including detailed positioning and sizing of each (text)line.

Available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Cyborg virtual pendent

The Cyborg virtual pendent is located at the right side of your computer screen. This virtual controller allows you to use your machine fastly and accurately. Move the gantry to any position with a few mouse clicks or even better, use a touchscreen to operate the machine with your fingertips. 


Use the jog keys to move the spindle fast and smooth to the desired position.

Move the Z axis up and down with the Z up and down key.

Determine up to 9 fixed origin points.

Set surface with high precision.

Use the simulation mode to preview your job before you start engraving.

Browse through the root folder with your engraving jobs through Ethernet.

Cyborg virtual pendent